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Business Model

Win-Win for everyone


The Perfect Money Bizbee Business Model is to develop high standard courses with highly experienced specialist of their field and sell these courses through affiliates by offering high proportion of revenue sharing with them. This Business Model allows a win-win proposition for all the participants as follows:

Teachers/Lecturers of the Course

  • The Teacher/Lecturer of the course receive high remuneration for development of high quality course.

  • The Teacher/Lecturer of the course also receive  recurring royalty fee every time their course is sold.  


Buyer of the Course

  • The buyer receives high quality course at discounted price providing him true value for money spent

  • The buyer is guided with in depth qualitative details in the course to enable him to earn successfully from the platform to which the course relates. For further details on courses available click here

  • The buyer is also issued an Affiliate code through which he can earn by referring/marketing the course. Thus providing additional earning opportunity from Perfect Money Bizbee as an affiliate.


  • Able to earn high revenue share by referring/marketing the courses and providing his Affiliate code to potential buyers.

  • The revenue sharing percentage available to Affiliates is the highest offered by any company ranging upto 75% of gross revenue. For further details of Affiliate Program click here

Perfect Money Bizbee

  • Earn profits from selling the courses after paying all the costs and expenses from sales revenue including but not limited to Courses development and maintenance costs,  Lecture fee of teachers, Royalty Fee of teachers, Affiliate Revenue Share, e-Voucher transaction costs, Website design, development and maintenance cost, Administration staff salaries and other related expenses

Perfect Money

  • Gets Brand Promotion 

  • Promotion of its e-Voucher payment system

  • receives e-Voucher transactions fee

  • Increase in Perfect Money users 

  • Providing additional valuable service in shape of high end educational courses to its users enabling them additional earning opportunities